Pumping Breast Milk

There are several reasons that a woman might choose to pump her breast milk in addition to breastfeeding or in place of breastfeeding.  This article will talk about those reasons.  The different types of breast pumps will also be mentioned.


                One of the main reasons a woman chooses to pump her milk is time.  Some women have to return to work very soon after giving birth and they do not have the opportunity to breastfeed during the day.  In cases like this, she may choose to pump her milk so that the baby is still receiving the benefits from the breast milk.  In other cases, a woman may have an appointment she cannot miss at a scheduled feeding time and she may choose to pump just before the meeting so that they baby is still receiving his/her feeding on time.


                Some women have an overabundance of breast milk production.  In a case like that the breasts become engorged with milk and the baby has difficulty latching on and therefore pumping a little of the milk decreases the engorgement and allows the baby to latch on.  Sometimes, the baby does not drink all of what is being produced.  This is another reason to pump to prevent engorgement.  Some women find that their milk supply is decreasing.  In cases such as this, a woman may choose to pump between feedings to encourage her body to produce more milk.


                Women also pump their breast milk to save it for the baby for later use.  This is especially useful when a woman does not have the ability to pump due to a particular situation/location.  Also, storing the breast milk provides the mother with an alternative to formula when she chooses to switch to bottle feeding.


                There are a myriad of other reasons that a woman might choose to pump.  Some of these reasons might include a baby who won’t latch on for feedings, a baby who prefers the bottle, pain in breastfeeding, thrush, mastis, or a baby who cannot stay awake to breastfeed.


                There are many different breast pumps available on the market today.  They include manual and electric kinds as well as single and double pumps.  Some of the main types available are Medela, Avent, Ameda, Playtex, and Evenflow.