Formula Feeding

Some women have difficulty breastfeeding due to many causes such as low milk supply, pain, incompatible with work…etc.  In cases such as these or for a woman who is not interested in breastfeeding, the most common alternative is to use an iron fortified formula with DHA.

Thanks to our advances in science and technology, the formula available today is as close to breast milk as it is possible to get.  It is made with everything your baby needs, including vitamins and minerals to aid in healthy growth and development.


Powder formula is easy to use for making one feeding at a time and it can be used for up to a month after opening.  It is important to read and follow the directions for mixing the formula so that your baby is getting the nutrition he/she needs.

Ready to Use

Ready to Use formula requires no measuring or mixing.  It is especially convenient when traveling or when sending your baby to daycare.

Concentrated Liquid

Concentrated Liquid formula is easy to mix by simply adding water.  It is especially convenient for preparing several bottles in advance.

Milk Based

Milk Based formulas are the most common formulas available.  They are formulated as the name implies with milk as their primary ingredient.


Organic formula is new to the formula market.  It is formulated using only organic milk and organic ingredients.


Soy based formula is recommended for babies who cannot tolerate milk based formulas.  Consult your physician before switching to a soy based formula.


Sensitive or Gentle formulas are recommended for babies with excessive fussiness, gassiness, and/or spit-up.  These formulas have already broken down the milk proteins so that it is easier for the baby to digest the food.