Breastfeeding Positions

There are several positions that you can use when breastfeeding your baby.  One position is neither better nor worse than another; it all depends on what you and your baby are the most comfortable with.

The Cradle Hold

Many women find this position most comfortable because we cradle our babies in our arms during the day when we hold them.  When using this position, it is important to be situated in a seat with good support for your arms and back.  You don’t want to be leaning over your baby.  You want to place your baby across your stomach with his face, chest, and knees facing your body.  His/her head should be positioned in the bend of your elbow with his/her mouth level with your nipple.

The Cross Cradle Hold

Position your baby across your stomach as you did with the cradle hold.  The difference in this position is that you are holding your baby’s body and head with the arm opposite the breast being used.

The Football Hold

When using this position, support is the key necessity.  You need to place pillows at your side to support your elbow and the baby’s bottom.  Tuck the baby into the side of your waist, cradled under your arm and using that hand to support the baby’s head and guide him/her onto your breast.

Lying Down

When lying down to breastfeed, you need to lie on your side using pillows to support your head, neck, and back.  Position the baby on his/her side in front of you so that his/her mouth is level with your nipple.  Many women find that a small, rolled blanket placed behind the baby’s back help keep him/her in position while feeding.