Ameda Breast Pump

Purely Yours Ultra

This double breast pump by Ameda has separate adjustability for suction and speed.  It allows the user to choose between 32 different combinations in order to customize the way you pump so that you get the best results every time you use it.  Three different flange sizes are included so that you achieve the best fit possible on your breast every time you use it.  This is because your breasts are not always the same size depending on the amount of milk being produced.  This pump comes with the collection bottles, flanges, milk storage tote, 3 cooler packs, a car adapter, extra valves, and a carry bag.

Elite Electric and Hygienikit Milk Collection System

These two pumps are Ameda’s hospital grade breast pumps.  The Elite Electric is a double pump which allows mothers to control the suction strength and speed independently so that they achieve the best results possible.  The Hygienikit Milk Collection System is a manual pump.  It is compatible with the Elite pump.  Both breast pumps are available with travel bags and cooling packs.

One Hand Breast Pump

This breast pump is Ameda’s manual pump.  Its compact design allows it to fit conveniently in your purse or tote bag.  You are able to pump directly into any standard bottle or milk storage bag.  You can get it with the Flexishield Areola Stimulator.  This is designed to help stimulate your breasts to let down the milk.  It is a comfortable silicone insert which reduces the size of the shield which in turn increases the effectiveness.